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T-Rosemond March 31st

Haiti Benefit and Reggae Night! T-Rosemond and Ital Souls, DJ Wokstar, Joe Daddy. Silent Auction for people who donate to Zanmi Lakay, and art sale.

Event T-Rosemond and Ital Souls (Common House (716 N Street Davis, CA 95616), from Mar 31, 2012 09:00 PM to Mar 31, 2012 11:45 PM)
Reggae Night in support of Zanmi Lakay, a grass-roots group dedicated to improving quality of life for current and former street children in Haiti. The organization provides educational and economic opportunities as well as resources that aid these children while they are homeless and transitioning off the streets.
File T-Rosemond photo
A picture of Rosemond Jolissaint in Haiti with children.
File FlyBaby.mp3
A song recorded at N-Street by T-Rosemond and Ital Souls
File RespekteItalSouls.mp3
"Respekte for your mom, your dad, brother, sister ooooh yeah"
Image Flyer for the Haiti Benefit
Contains Items suitable for Donation to Zanmi Lakay!
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